In the Beginning

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A Dream Manifested

Hi There! So you came to learn more about Dreams 2 Destiny and Asha Maat! D2D was created by a thought in Asha's mind, while walking on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was 2015 and after Asha's vacation, she came back home to Tampa, Florida and began to build Dreams 2 Destiny. At first D2D started off as a company dedicated to life coaching. This was a very fulfilling endeavor for her but it still felt like it was more, something bigger than her was calling. Spirituality has always been a big part of her teachings but after Asha moved to Detroit, Spirituality took on an entirely different meaning. After speaking/volunteering in several schools, expanding her knowledge on healing and practicing reading tarot life pushed her to move to Detroit, Mi. Life had its own struggles and trails moving there, Asha was in a completely NEW environment with no one there she knew. During this time Asha spent a lot of time in mediation, strengthening her connection with Source. She began to notice that the more she focused on herself and being aware of her feeling and thoughts, things began to change. Asha always figures that the voices she was hearing in her head were her own. Little did she know that her vibration was now high enough that she could translate vibration from people who have crossed over to the other side. This was a very interesting and frightening gift to discover. Asha has NEVER been one to back down from a challenge though, so she researched some videos and finally accepted the gift that God had given her. The more she practiced the better in tune she was, now everywhere she goes she is giving people healing messages from their loved ones who are no longer with us in the physical. Asha is a HEALER. She can tell you things that are wrong with you that you many not even know. She dedicates her life to serving and helping uplift other beings vibration. She believes in LOVE, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE, and APPRECIATION. These qualities are needed in the healing of the planet. Asha made a choice a long time ago that she would not stop until EVERYONE she comes in contact with knows what their INNER BEING/SOURCE knows about them. Want to find out more,  join our FACEBOOK group (Asha Maat (Spiritual Guidance to Enlightenment)), YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM, or BOOK an APPOINTMENT TODAY!!!!





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Based out of Tampa, Fl.

Asha Ma'at is available during normal business hours, but we understand emergencies happen and can be accommodated. Time zones differ, so she caters to everyone within reason!  No bookings on Sunday for readings


12:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST



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