Aug 31, 2018

The Emperor


Happy Friday you Powerful ass Manifestors! This group is DEFINITELY elevating! The ones who are directly connected to this group, the ones that watch daily and look from guidance from Spirit are going to an entirely different level spiritually. The cards we are pulling are of concrete ideas and desires manifesting! I included the ruling master of the Emperor because we need to channel all the energies we can to manifest and uplift! Understand that hard work doesn’t have to be hard. When you are going with the flow of your Source/Spirit then it’s fun because you know NO matter what that EVERYTHING always works out for you! Have a mind that’s open to everything and let go of those beliefs that limit you! Having trouble with that! I can help🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️ There is great love for you here! Have a wonderfully creative day.


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    Aug 30, 2018

    Good Murnin Powerful Manifestors! Understand you are indeed, powerful! Today shows it! We pulled the Magician, this is the card about being a Manifestor! How fitting! With a number 8 power day! There is NOOOO stoping us! The magician tells us that we can realize and manifest our goals, whatever they may be. There is so much healing energy going into this post for ANYONE who reads it. Today something magical and beautiful will happen! (Can you be aware of it, no matter how big or small). Remember that even a thought is a manifestation so if you are thinking better than you were yesterday then that is a manifested moment! Recognize it and Source! Have a magically wonderful day! There is GREAT love for you here!❤️💋🙏🏾🙌🏾🌟🤟🏾🧘🏾‍♀️😎
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    Aug 29, 2018

    Hiya Dreamers! Murnin ❤️💫😘 Today is a great day! We pulled the 3 of Coins/Pentacles with a number 7 day. First the number 7 is about rest, contemplation, and learning to ALLOW things to come to you(let god work😘) and the 3 of Coins is about working together and putting your gifts/talents to use. You have SO much creative energy inside you that’s DYING to get out. This is usually why most people have a hard time in life. Allow that energy to be released somehow! You never know what will happen, this card also tells of being recognized for your works and people may invest in you and what you believe in. (There are many ways to invest) Go and be creative today, preferably in a group or group setting(like this one🙃😉😝😏☺️)! There is great love for you here
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    Aug 29, 2018

    Good morning Dreamers ❤️🌟 Today we pulled the Page of Cups which is all about messages. This signifies a message having to do with something or someone you love. It just fits that today is a number 6 personal day which is about handling commitments to family and friends! Your business is growing and gestating and that promotion or new job you want is coming! Continue to do the things that make you happy and fulfilled! Be grateful for what you do have and excited for more! Have a wonderful and productive day! There is great love for you here ❤️❤️

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