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Updated: Feb 29

So my quote today is "I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now." It is one of my favorites and I think about this quote daily. Why? Because it's about balance and self awareness...

Regardless of your faith or spiritual paths, one thing most people can agree on is that humans are imperfect; meaning we have flaws, ups and downs, and/or positive and negative traits. Humans don't always do or say the right thing,or go about it the right way, or even have the best intentions at all times. The beauty of this is that when you are in alignment with the universe, God, and/or spirit, you can use this to your advantage. Flaws are our guides to finding ourselves and healing. Healing requires balance and self awareness. What is good without the bad? Light without dark? Ups without downs? To understand one you must understand the other and how they work in harmony. I'll use myself as an example:

So one of my inner demons is trying to do too much. I used to be workaholic by default and I was raised in an environment where you could always do better. Combine that with my desire to learn, expand, and be great at as many things as possible, while being totally independent, and I am left with an overwhelming nuclear bomb in my brain when I fail at something. My thoughts become unkind and I become my own worst enemy. The only way for me to come out of this successfully is to use it to my advantage. I do this by balancing these thoughts and actions. Instead of listening to thoughts of failed high expectations, I remind myself to take deep breaths, go for a walk if possible, and drink some water. Then once I have calmed down, I readdress these thoughts from a positive perspective:

1. I am proud of myself for noticing what needed to be taken care of, and taking initiative to get things done.

2. I hate being bored, so always having something to do works in my favor.

3. Failure is an opportunity to learn and improve, so this means I am on the right track.

4. Would I feel any better if it came too easy or if there were never enough things to do.

5. How can I use this moment to understand how I am truly feeling, what triggered this moment, and how do I heal it.

By the end of this thought process, I have transformed my thoughts in a way that benefits me. The inner low vibrating feelings that used to crush me and cause panic attacks now works in my favor as a dear friend. This is not an overnight process either. I have affirmed this many times, and put in the mental/psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual work behind this. And because alignment is not guaranteed without work, I still apply this daily.

Thank you for reading and tuning in. This message is timeless and I hope it helps or inspires you. Feel free to comment, share your experience, ask questions, or just take it some great energy and loving vibes!!!





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