May 13, 2017

I was sitting in my new found environment, contemplating my next move and also my previous choices. I believe it is important to reflect on past issues and situations, to use them for learning tools. The past should not dictate your future but it IS important in molding it. If you do not reflect on your past experiences (good and bad) then you can not figure out what it is that you did correctly or incorrectly. I was thinking of "how can I be successful, financially free?" I was listening to a motivational speaker named Tony Robbins and he quoted this: "Success in life is the result of good judgement, Good judgement is the result of experience, but Experience is the result from bad judgement". I laughed out loud when i heard this because I have made A LOT of bad judgments, some over and over again. I already know that success is within my grasp, even with knowing this i we subconsciously self-sabotage when we get to a certain level? Do we get so scared that we would rather stay in the same comfortable position, not growing, not elevating? The answer to these questions are definitely YES..YES..YES!!!!! I started to wonder well, how do I recognize when I am holding my own self back? Mediation is a must, reflecting is great but not mediating. Meditation is clearing your mind from all distractions, including thoughts and problems from your head. You must be able to hear that inner voice, no matter what belief, you must be able to hear God. Meditation will bring clarity and clarity will allow you to see everything as it is. Of course I am not saying that you will meditate and all of sudden its like the heavens parted and you will see the entire picture clearly, lol, I am afraid that it usually does not happen like that. Meditating is the beginning of a change that has to be made. It will bring to your conscious state questions or statements that you may not like about yourself. This is where you begin to realize and accept these things for what they are. If you are a procrastinator, admit it and then when the next time a situation comes up that you can procrastinate on....push yourself to do it. I am a HUGE procrastinator and that is no good if I am going to be very successful. I had to come to terms with that and say " are what are you going to do about it?" I usually procrastinate on writing, even this blog (it was supposed to be put out months ago) but I listened to Tony and said I can either continue to make excuses as to why i keep putting off or I can just write it. Now, I could have also easily said "boo hoo, boo hoo, I am going through this and that and do not have time". That would have been me self-sabotaging, having a topic and knowing what to say but just making excuses NOT to do it. I just did it and now I have my first blog post on my site. We all have different skills and abilities, each one of those skills are supposed to be used to better this universe. Everyone has a part to play. It is our duty to make great use of whatever talent that you have been blessed with. Doubt and Fear cause self-sabotage. Are you afraid to start that new business because you do not know where to begin? Do you doubt that you can complete a project or organize an event? Are you making excuses without even researching or attempting to solve the problem? Are you waiting for someone to help you and all in your feelings because nobody will? All these are self-sabotaging thoughts. We also self-sabotage by lying to ourselves. We say things like "I have plenty of time to get these things done, I will do it next week", then that week turns into the next and so forth. The absolute solution is to TAKE ACTION....PERIOD! We make things more difficult than they have to be because we refuse to take action! It really is that simple, even if it is one small step. Even if it is looking something up on google, at least you have made one step and that gives the universe room to open up more doors for you. The more energy you put into building the life you want the more opportunities will present themselves. You deserve to have infinite abundance and have everything that you desire. Understand you can manifest whatever it is that you want if you take action and refuse to settle. Also, understand that these thoughts are continuous, which is why you must continuously meditate/pray for clarity. Some days will be better than others, some days you will feel as though you have conquered the world and others you will feel like you have made no progress and might as well give up but on each of those days you keep going. Realize when you wake up the next day, whatever you did not get to do yesterday, you have the chance to do today! Movement creates momentum. Remember to accept where you are but never accept mediocrity.



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