May 15, 2017

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one or strength in the face of pain or grief. 


          I sat and stared at this word for quite a while. I knew I wanted to write this blog on courage but just did not know exactly what i wanted to say. Actually, as I type this I STILL do not know what I want to write about. Can I allow that to stop me? I could get frustrated and easily put this laptop to the side, with this headache I have. As I sit here typing I think about my blog post yesterday....self-sabotage.....that is what I would be doing if I stopped typing. Even Though right at this very moment my mind is attempting to tell me that I am writing all of this just to stall on the topic. That would be fear trying to rear its ugly head. I think that me pushing through is courage. My life is not the best right now but still I push in spite of. My back and head is hurting, which is causing me to want to lie down. Still I push. I moved to a new city where I know absolutely nobody and went broke doing it. So here I for all to see. Me telling you my life when I can make it seem as if everything is wonderful. I think THAT takes courage!! I wish I could make you all understand how scared I am to put out these videos, blogs, and just posting period. I may seem an outgoing individual but in actuality I have a phobia of that. I worry to much about what others will say and how they will judge my point of view. Yes, I must be honest with myself and that takes courage. It is funny how I just took action and started to write, not knowing what I wanted to say but now I have half a page written. This is proof within itself showing that if you have the courage to just step out there, no matter what the fear is, then great things will manifest. Trust the process and the journey. If you figure out your purpose and start working towards that purpose, you will see how opportunities will begin to surface. Realizing your faults, facing them, and then beginning to correct them are the first steps in gaining control of your destiny. My being afraid to write and put myself out there were limiting me and blocking my blessings. You will be pushed to get out of your comfort zone and that is ok because that is growth. It will be ultimately up to YOU!!! Are you ready for a change? Can you make the hard decision of facing the things that scare you? I KNOW you can you just have to have the COURAGE to do so. Are my fears entirely gone? LOL, HELL NAW....but that is why growth is daily. Some days will be better than others but as long as the majority of them you are elevating yourself somehow then you will become successful (whatever that means to you). Your Dream can become your destiny. Remember MOVEMENT CREATES MOMENTUM!!! Dare to Dream Your Destiny!!!!!!



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