June 20, 2017

"Starting" You are probably wondering why a title so simple, so general?  Well, is this word "so simple"? Such a small word can produce monumental outcomes. Our lives are SUPER busy, I know that, but imagine what starting something could do. We say we do not have enough time to do the things that will better ourselves but it's really just a matter of putting YOURSELF in the list of priorities. Why does everything and everyone else get YOUR attention, YOUR time, YOUR love, YOUR energy but YOU??!! The only thing that was common in that last sentence was the word YOU! If you were not around to handle things.........then things would STILL get handled. One of our basic human needs is to feel like we have significance in this world. We all want to be important to something or one but at what cost? What is something that you have been wanting to do, to START, that will elevate you to the next level? Never forget, all these things that keep you away from being the best version of you, will still be there if you were not. Take time out to first recognize what it is you want to start. Do you even know? What excites you to the point where it will get you out of bed every morning? What is it that you want to do but many people have told you that "that's impossible"? I have come to realize that the more I acknowledge my goals and ideas the more they are coming into fruition. I am literally manifesting the things that I want! Of course I am not saying that all I am doing is writing things down and then they are appearing! Ha, I wish!!! No, I do many other rituals to help elevate me to success. What I am saying is that I STARTED these rituals and amongst them me searching within myself to KNOW what I really want out of this short life we have. Acknowledge your dream and KNOW it is possible, IF you START! Taking a piece of sticky note paper and writing down what you want to do tomorrow IS STARTING! Do not sell yourself short. That emotion keeps us in a state of unproductivity! Take control of your emotions and life and START towards that dream today! Happy Tuesday, Dreamers! Nameste!



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