Coincidences? Are there any?

June 18, 2018


You find yourself walking down the street and you say that to yourself, “It would be nice to not have to walk” and then, all of a sudden, your relative or home girl/boy drives by. 😊 You’re thinking 🤔 “dang that was lucky, what a coincidence!” It may be another time when you have an urge to go to a certain store that you usually would not go to and when you get there you see someone who you have been wanting to see!! 🌪️This blows you away!! “I was just thinking about you” is what you say. “What a coincidence!” 😎 We tend to think these types of situations happen by happenstance or by some random act, but do they? Are there such things as coincidences? From what I have experienced and have been given clarity on, there are 🚫 NO such things as coincidences. When I was meditating on the subject, Spirit wanted me to go into more detail on the word itself. Living in a world🌍 where there is so much diversity, it's no surprise that there can be several definitions for one word. I will begin with the origin of the word, it derives from the Latin word 'Coincidere', which means to coincide or agree. There are two main definitions of the word coincidence; one: it is remarkable circumstances that happen at the time with no visible connection and two: it is a connection in nature (basic essence, what makes us, us) or a connection in time of an occurrence. The first definition will have us thinking that coincidences are something that just happen or something that is randomly out of the blue. The second definition, I feel, is the true definition. "A connection in nature".... we are all connected and manifest our own realities, our own dharmas. Society views coincidences as random acts, something that is basically out of our control; however, we manifest the things we want and the things we do not want. Everything originated from a thought, our thoughts control our emotions and our emotions create our realities. So, we actually manifest 'when' and 'where' these coincidences occur. We can NEVER know what another person is manifesting, the possibilities are endless; therefore, by us living in an infinite universe there are NO limits to what we can do. We are all co-creators and powerful manifestors. (weather we know it or not, deliberate or not) So what we are experiencing when we have coincidences are powerful creators, all manifesting, all in alignment, all at the same time (coinciding) expanding the universe by creating! When you are in this zone and are noticing many "coincidences" know that at those moments you are in the receiving mode, which is alignment. You have allowed your vibration to raise to that of Infinite Intelligence, your true Spirit, God and that is where the mystery is known.


“The mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding”

                         -Tao Te Ching-

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